Yesterday I had the chance to contribute to the new generations of marketers with learnings acquired along the way.

I measure my speakings, lectures or webinars by the feedback I receive after my participation. Yesterday, I was satisfied to listen to nice reactions from the attendees. On the one hand, about finding their way in the sports industry and, on the other hand, being self-aware to pick themselves.

The content of the speech was built around 3 learnings:

  1. Discover. Be patient and curious enough to discover your path.
  2. Adapt. Make the most of each opportunity in favour of your goals.
  3. Change. Decide what impact you want to make and go tirelessly after it.

I believe in the power of each one of us to find out what is the best we can do to leave a better world.

In the capacity to choose ourselves and to work to become the best version we can achieve to change what matters most to us.

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