During the It’s football, and its women’s seminar that took place on the International Women’s Day at FC Barcelona facilities, the club exposed the numbers of how much related are women in their structure.

From a communications perspective, this is a very powerful tool to show consistency when promoting women’s football. In the end, believing in the power of women to make change through sports must be reflected on the way things are done and by who are done.

Here are the numbers of women related to Barça:

  • 26% of season members are women (38,091)
  • In 10 years, women season members have increased by 3%
  • 28% of organised supporters’ groups are women (43,371)
  • 25 women players in the 1st team
  • 65 women players in youth teams
  • 43% of employees are women (219)
  • 12,3% of players and staff are women (123)
  • 724 women athletes are from other sports as basketball, rugby or volley

Photo: FC Barcelona

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