From the inside out.

To change women’s football, we must first change ourselves.

If the goal is to develop a professional sport, having all the players earning a minimum and decent salary, we have to treat it like that:

  • Players not accepting certain economic, social, sports or media conditions
  • Clubs paying accordingly to the effort and dedication of the players and offering respectful sports conditions
  • Media giving the visibility that women’s football demands from society
  • Brands investing in sponsorship and not only offering value-in-kind deals
  • Fans attending more than just the top game of the season where everyone is proud of the team
  • Agents being transparent, professional and demanding with clubs for the good of their players
  • National associations compensating the players correctly with fair conditions

We can all do more than what we say we do.

It starts at home, giving value to what others eventually will.

Photo credit: FIFA.com

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