Women’s teams seen as part of men’s clubs are usually the little sister that needs help. A non-profitable or even social department to enhance the image of the club.

It’s not the case of FC Barcelona Women, the “little sister” is the only profitable section in the club. According to La Vanguardia, the new main sponsor Stanley invests around 3.5 million euros every season, amount that sufficiently covers the needs of the budget. Far better than deficit sections as basketball, hockey, futsal and handball.

3 key decisions from the club led to profitability:

  1. Not including Rakuten as sponsor of the women’s team when signing as main partner for the men’s in 2016, leaving room for an exclusive sponsor.
  2. Partnering with Stanley for 3 seasons in July 2018, generating around 3.5 million euros per year.
  3. Converting the women’s football team into professional in 2015, allowing the section to grow a solid and sustainable structure.

It’s true that debt is not bad as long as it’s invested in productive resources and it’s also true that salaries are not too high yet, but are eventually increasing. The article mentions that the Dutch player Lieke Martens earns more than 100,000€ per year.

Top clubs as FC Barcelona are the ones who should lead the way to awareness, profitability and impact.

Who’s going to be next?

Photo credit: Stanley Black & Decker

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