We have contacted endless potential partners, we have run out of excel lists. Where can we search for a big sponsor?

Sport affinity, brand awareness, economic ROI, CSR or local engagement. The ‘where’ will be defined by the benefit you offer that will consequently define the kind of company.

Before wondering who could afford your sponsorship, think about what benefits could you offer.

It’s true that there can exist certain patterns of sponsors per club, region or league. Here you have a list of the top sponsorship sectors throughout different countries. This research has been carried out from the main sponsors of the national association and clubs from the different top national women’s football leagues:

United States: Health, Technology, Apparel
Japan: Food, Travel, Media
England: Airlines, Drinks, Construction
Germany: Health, Motor, Insurance
France: Food, Public, Finance
Australia: Airlines, Education, Health

What to offer them? Here you have 10 reasons to convince them.

Let’s go!

Photo credit: mycujoo.tv

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