Who are you upsetting?

If we are not upsetting anyone, we are not doing it well enough.

Upsetting means that some people will be annoyed, but others will love it. It means that it’s not made for everyone but for a certain community that share the same worldview and values.

In women’s football, we are lucky to have many people ready to upset. Promoting your players, teams, leagues or brands in women’s football can be very annoying if you are trying to change the rules.

Changing the rules, or challenging the status quo, means bringing the whole men’s team to a women’s game, paying equally or providing high tech resources for the women’s team trainings. As it’s not normal yet, it will hopefully bother some people.

Upsetting marketing is about following your own instructions about how women’s football could be helpful in society. It’s about being bold and brave enough to provide a worth spreading experience to some people.

Let’s make some noise.

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