We commonly think about United States as the sacred temple of women’s football. Can sports marketers agree with that?

If we have a look at sponsorship, clubs and leagues don’t tend to reveal their sponsors’ investment. However, from a general perspective, we see that the American NWSL has more partners related to the health sector and that the English FAWSL has more partners from the motor field. If we have a look at the clubs, a 44% of the NWSL clubs have a main sponsor from the health sector too, being the most popular on the American jerseys. On the other hand, there is more variety in FAWSL clubs’ sponsors, where 20% come from airlines companies.

What is it better? They only know that, the more a sponsor is beneficial for their fans, players and bank account, the more successful it is.

Regarding social media, United States national league kills it in social platforms as a competition but remains very far if we compare the clubs, being the English clubs way ahead.

Whereas NWSL accumulates 414,927 followers in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the FAWSL barely reaches 180,000 as a league. On the other hand, especially because of Arsenal, Manchester City and Chelsea, FAWSL teams aggregate a total of 9.4 million followers, compared to 1.4 from NWSL teams.

So, at the office, England is a very powerful player worth considering in terms of women’s football marketing, with a solid structure that aspires to host a Women’s Euro in 2021.

Photo: The Guardian

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