After fans, players are the most important asset in women’s football.

They are the first content producers in the everyday life of this sport. Trainings, press conferences, personal lives, travels and much more. They connect the different stakeholders for the entertainment of the fan.

Women’s football players tend to represent a story of sacrifice, purpose and fight. They know what it takes to reach the top level and are willing to make a difference for the good of the future generations.

At Hero Girls Camp, the international camp we organise at Naru Sports, we try to leverage that. We know that players can influence girls to become better athletes and better people, this is why we sign elite players to take part of the camp.

I don’t want you to register, but to think about how the core of women’s football insights, the players, could help you to connect with your strategic stakeholders to make a difference.

How could you benefit from this?

Photo credit: Pere Puntí

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