What score do you start your everyday game with?

Tim Ferris, best-selling author of the extraordinary book Tools of Titans, says that among top leaders and CEO he found a common pattern. A mourning routine to switch to matchday mode, being meditation a common practice in morning rituals.

In this post, I want to share with you something I haven’t shared until now, my morning rituals to switch on the superhero mode. As it works incredibly well for me, I hope it can be useful for you too.

  1. Cold shower. The alarm rings at 6:00 and the first thing I do is to brush my teeth and have a 30” cold shower to really wake up.
  2. Stretching. After that I make up my bed and do 5’ of stretching exercises, including legs, arms, back and neck.
  3. Meditation. I meditate for 10-15’ with Calm, an amazing meditation app that convinced me to purchase the premium account after using it on a daily basis.
  4. Breakfast. After meditation, I have breakfast, toasts with scrambled eggs, a piece of fruit and a cup of green tea.
  5. Matchday songs. To power up, I listen to 3 selected songs to make my adrenaline speed up.
  6. Daily compass. Before starting to write a post for my blog, I read 2 handwritten pages that contain my goals, beliefs and favourite quotes and advice from authors.

Here you have one of the pieces of advice borrowed from Seth Godin:

I will do the hard part first.
I will embrace emotional labour.
I will think of myself as the type of person who can and does and I will act that way.
I will adapt a posture of generosity giving without the hope of getting.
I will care around people in the world around me and I will act that way.
I will dance with fear.
I promise I will continue to keep making a ruckus and then I will teach someone else to do so too.

Hope this helps to turn on your superhero mode in favour of women’s football.

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