The 22nd of May, the campaign produced by Liga Iberdrola and Iberdrola #NacidasParaJugar was launched on social media.

Apparently, a campaign aimed to raise awareness in favour of women in sports within society.

An interesting insight based on the self-improvement and sacrifice stories that players have lived to reach the top.

In my opinion, two main aspects that could be improved for next time:

  1. Both partners should promote it actively. It seems a bit obvious, but it’s not. Iberdrola didn’t share the video on their Facebook and Instagram and they did just a retweet on Twitter. On Youtube, the video got just 50 views, and they have 2.4k subscribers. On Liga Iberdrola’s side, they posted the campaign video on Facebook and Twitter and “forgot” about Instagram. If we launch a campaign, let’s do it 100%.
  2. Save a budget for advertising. On Facebook, we reach less than 2% organically. Social media has become a forced paid media platform if brands want to get some impact. In order to make it viral, we first need to let followers know that the campaign exists, let’s leverage the huge potential that digital platforms have for the good of women’s football.

Better than nothing but less than its maximum. Let’s aim for the highest.

You can watch the full campaign here:

Photo credit: Liga Iberdrola

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