You know you want to be part of women’s football growth.

You want it to be better because you were in, but it’s difficult to start. Or maybe opportunities that might seem attractive keep you out from the initial goal.

The truth is, you will never quite know. Small and big successes keep unfolding as you go. Uncertainty and risk are faithful teammates of a journey worth living.

What would you do if you never could retire?

If you had 1M€ in you bank account, what would you do to feel fulfilled?

That’s exactly what we’re looking for, the truest and most powerful version of yourself.

Consider these 4 questions to define your legacy in women’s football:

  1. In what environment did you grow up?
  2. What do your peers say about your main strengths?
  3. What do you easily talk about?
  4. What have you done the last years?

Find two areas of connection and you will find your impact. E.g. Steve Jobs combined technology and design; Nike unites sports and lifestyle; I try to make the best out of marketing and women’s football.

Stop. Think. Go.

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