From branding to profitable responsibility

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Peter Drucker used this approach to describe how brands should grow in parallel with society, fitting in an existing worldview. Because of the current pandemic, companies are almost forced to stand up and show their social side....

Commercial analysis of FIFPro’s report

FIFPro, the global representative for professional football players, published Raising Our Game. A report about the global state of women’s football, with recommendations to address the major challenges. The significant development of the product from the areas of...

How culture could help resisting financial threat

People like us do things like this. Culture is a set of values and beliefs that represents a group of people. Is what you find at the core of brands’ value when there is a common vision, purpose and way of doing things. That’s what should remain intact during the...

Our work is our culture

The way we connect, talk, listen or do our job. That defines who we are and what we believe in. This set of values builds our culture, what ends up reflecting on our products and services. Without our culture, we are just another empty brand. Build your culture with a...

Cheaper or different

We don’t have other choices. As professionals, we can be the cheapest option, not remarkable and in a race we’ll always lose as it will force us to cut our price. Or we can choose to be bold, honest and generous, being perceived as worth paying for. Anticipated,...

Setting boundaries

Defining a comfortable framework to work is as important as work. Good clients understand and respect boundaries. On the other hand, it takes courage to apply them, going beyond fear of rejection. For your best version and work, it is in everyone’s best...

“Creativity, originality and reaction, vital in digital”

Caring about segmented audiences, protect the close atmosphere of women’s football and leveraging mobile-friendly content as entertainment. Elisa Revuelta shares her top lessons in her solid career as sports journalist with us, having worked in 11 FIFA World Cups....

Skills and work

Difficult times make finding new and better clients more difficult. Your resume won’t help that much, focus on skills and work instead. Avoid general tasks and share what you’re good at and what change you’ve made. That’s what we’ll buy.

Our marathon

Quick tricks for over night successes don’t tend to work. Forcing our way up to our goals neither. Long-term commitment towards a path is what sets us up for success. The marathon of moving one step further everyday. Not only today or tomorrow but for years.

Give yourself an A

Before even starting. That’s it, an A. Your natural and truest self. The possibility of your best version, instead of the expectation to struggle towards a goal. As the great Benjamin Zander suggests, fall in love with the person you could become.

Technology for people

During these confinement days, it’s important to let ourselves be disconnected from technology. It should work for us, not vice versa. Plugging the computer, mobile and other devices off it’s important to not make what we see on the screen our new reality.

Helping to find a job

Job Mission (Misión Empleo) is an initiative born to help those affected by the crisis from a professional perspective. Either lost it, still looking for a job or want to be more prepared. A free online curse with lessons and tips from professionals. Learning to...

Trust the process

It is now, in difficult times, when “no matter what” matters. To keep believing, pushing or persevering makes a real difference now. For our purpose, projects, friends or family. When nothing seems to have an order, your clarity means the most.

From values to purpose

Communicating values is not enough. Particularly, if the values match media expectations but not real customers’ worldview. Values are empty without action driven by purpose. A proven connection to brands’ beliefs.

Beyond gender equality

“We want to inspire, enable and leave a legacy to girls and young women to follow their dreams” Visa “Not just supporting the U.S. Women’s Team once every four years, but also supporting women’s soccer every single day” Budweiser “From elite to grassroots level, we...


We can’t control it. We might not deserve it. We haven’t work so hard for it. But perseverance, waking up and starting over also happen. Coming back stronger, for even better opportunities.

Real stop

In an uncommon global stop, we can easily fall into replicate our daily lives at home. Rushing to be productive. We have a valuable opportunity to use time differently. We are we running to? Is it the right direction

Pick yourself

Be patient to discover your purpose by doing. Value who you are, what you’re capable of and what you’ve done. Risk, invest and go towards the impact you seek to make. That’s it.

The mix of TV and digital in women’s sports

Are values and emotions enough to sign a sponsor? The true is they’re not, most of the times. I had the opportunity to attend a speech about Movistar communications and sponsorship strategies. A traditional sports brand that looks for specific assets, both tangible...

What you know

Marketing, English, sponsorship, digital. Or any area. That one we are better than anyone, our strength. That area needs to go to the mechanic too, precisely because it is important. We tend to learn only new, but not improve old. Let’s check, question and optimize...

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